Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New file versions feature allows RAWs to be uploaded

Many shoot RAW nowadays, but distribute ready to use JPEGs. The questions we have been asked quite a many times is: "If I upload JPGs to getImageRight and they are safe there, how should I store the RAWs?"

Now we can answer the question: to getImageRight!

File versions feature added

We have now added new feature to getImageRight, which allows allows different file versions of the same file. It means you can have a distributable file, such as JPG, and a source file such as a RAW file or DNG. Or you can have a JPEG and EPS. Or both. Or you can have different video formats, or a logo in JPEG, EPS, TIFF, AI...

The feature is available in all Editions and does not require activation.

There are two rule: 
  1. the file name should be the same and the file type different. 
  2. all file versions need to be uploaded at the same time. And if you use Desktop Uploader, they need to be in the same source folder. 
One more thing: the file types you plan to upload, need to be allowed. Check your Settings->File Types.

You can upload any number of version to a file as long as they have same file name (before dot)  but different file type (after dot). For example DCS0233.JPG and DCS0233.NEF are different versions of the same file. You could have a DCS0233.DNG and DCS0233.EPS at the same time. This is not limited to photos though. You can use this for graphics or videos as well.

Different versions of the same file need to uploaded at the same time. If you use Desktop Uploader, they need to be in the same source folder.

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  1. Its quite nice, hope I will not have any problems with uploading EPS file, cause recently I have some troubles with it, only one difference is that I use another version windows, but even this problem I could fix by using this service that give vision what is a eps file and how it works with another applications.